Monday, 11 June 2012

Kylie Minogue - Timebomb : Chart Performance Week 3

Kylie Minogue's performance at the Queen's Jubilee last week was met with many good reviews.
Her live singing and light routine dancing went well with the audience. However, it was frustrating that she failed to sing Timebomb and instead opted for All The Lovers to end her medley of hits. It would've been a great promotional opportunity for the single to improve from it's lowly #31 position. But then again, there might have been so many valid reasons that the song wasn't made part of that performance. 

Not much is happening for the Princess of Pop as she has yet to appear elsewhere on TV land to continue promoting Timebomb (if at all she ever deems it worthy). She is confirmed, though, to appear next month on the Hit Factory Live concert that features PWL artists of the past decades like Rick Astley, Sinitta, Sonia, Brother Beyond and many others. Fans are already excited for her on-stage reunion with Jason Donovan to sing their 1988 anthem Especially For You. It's really curious that Kylie involves herself with remotely significant appearances when she has a single out. Her Hit Factory performance will be targeting to boost her Best Of album sales but not for the already bombing Timebomb. If she couldn't focus on one thing then she should have postponed releasing a new single until she had finished promoting the greatest hits collection. Or better yet, she included the piece on the GH album as a bonus track to justify it's buzz release. That way, both the new song and the album would have benefited from any of her promotional activities.

As for Timebomb, the promo mixes are already 2 weeks overdue. Only fan-made mixes circulate on the internet and even in the clubs! EMI should have released them by now if they are even interested to save the single after damaging it's debut position when it was released on a Friday. People in the know claim that the mixes have been done but as they take longer to appear, the more that the public forget about the single's existence. Low chart positions reflect exactly what predicament the single is presently in.

UK Top 100

# 56

Australia Top 50

# 44

Netherlands                       89
Austria                               61
France                                53
Chile                                   42
New Zealand                      33
Spain                                   24

Kylie's Ray Of Light moment.

UK iTunes as of 11 June, 2012 7:38 AM
# 53

Australia iTunes as of 11 June, 2012 7:40 AM
# 60

France iTunes as of 11 June, 2012 7:43 AM
# 134

Germany iTunes as of 11 June, 2012 7:45 AM
# 295

MORE Ray Of Light moments !

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  1. My friend its curious how you seem to lack any understanding for K25. You say Kylie is one of your "favs" but don't seem to understand Timebomb is not a regular single for Kylie. Time bomb as with her abbey road session releases and others are gifts to the fans. One present every 25th day of a month, why would she spend copious amounts of time promoting a present to the dedicated to fans. Dedicated fans alreaedy know about it.


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