Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Traci Lords - Last Drag & M2F2 : Track Previews

Traci Lords headlines the compilation album M2F2 released yesterday by SeaToSun Recordings,
the outfit responsible for her most recent club smash LAST DRAG in 2011. She has 3 tracks in the album which also features songs sung by stablemates Sylvia Tosun, D.O.S.E and Jennifer Karr among others. Production credits for the album include The House Rejects and STED-E & Hybrid Heights.

Traci Lords presents M2F2 (Music 2 Fuck 2)

A remix by Ron Reeser & Dan Saenz of a song called Pretty opens the album and puts to good use Traci's vocoder-ized vocals. It would be great if it's original version sees the light of day perhaps on a future solo album! Her next number is on track #7 with an original mix of The House Rejects-produced He's My Bitch sharing spoken vocals with Brian Lucas and chanting the song title on chorus. A new brilliant mix of Last Drag done by Andre Jetson impressively sits on #12 and effectively sustains the album's upbeat momentum.

Traci Lords - Last Drag (Andre Jetson Remix) :


For this project, the original Zalman King-directed video of Last Drag was re-edited and optimized with very high-contrast pink and magenta hues by Matyas Kelemen to suit the club-feel of the Andre Jetson Remix. It still has Traci and Sylvia Tosun doing their stuff in a sleazy bar; all the while flirting with men and with each other!  

Last Drag was a fitting come-back and a welcome audible change for Traci whose previous upbeat singles trod Techno-Trance and Rave genres. Produced by Anton Bass & Conrad Karelli (of Karmadelic), it almost has a pop-dance stamp on it and memorable hooks to gravitate on. The song had a liberating theme that described dumping a no-good lover similarly to quitting with smoking in such witty lines as " 'cause I kicked that habit when I kicked your ass out the door! " Traci's signature breathy spoken vocals were ever-present on the stanzas and she sings (yes!) the refrain and chorus parts rather well that you wished she would do that on every song she records (if you know what i mean...). A handful of progressive house remixes did the single a lot of good that it reached #4 on the Dance Club Play Charts! With this club chart success, it isn't a distant possibility anymore that a full studio album of dance ditties would soon be revealed. For now, we just have to contend on the 3 releases to quench our thirst for Traci's musical offerings.

Vocals: 1, Production: 2, Lyrics: 1.5, Chorus Strength: 1, Mainstream Appeal: 1 = (6.5/10)

Watch the Last Drag Official Video :  

Listen to Last Drag Remixes :  
Alex MORPH Remix 

Taurus & Vaggeli Remix 

Sted-E & Hybrid Heights Remix
Razor N Guido Remix
Your Attitude ?

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