Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sir Ari Gold - Play My F**kn Record : Sample Remixes & Single Review

Somehow 2012 ended without me realising that i failed to post about Ari Gold's latest single.
Play My Fuckn Record originally became available for download in US iTunes in mid-December and is Ari's follow-up to the steamy My Favourite Religion back in February 2012. This song becomes his fourth single off the funky 2011 album, Between The Spirit & The Flesh. Written by Ari & Brandon Pope, the naughty track encourages everybody to celebrate and get crazy. This is not some eloquent song about love and emotion mind you; this is about having fun on the dancefloor! Forgive the simple lyrics and pay attention to the crisp vocals that resonate well with the production. The catchy electronic gem was also produced by Ari himself and master mixer Yaron Fuchs mostly known for chillout and jazzy works. Despite the wide span of time between it's predecessor, PMFR manages to still sound fresh to those who just heard it and listeners would never get an inkling that it actually existed for more than a year. By checking on the source album, the song is indeed one of the single-worthy ones if only for it's audio-friendly qualities and the bleep-able title nothwithstanding. While it may be a fine slice of upbeat pop, it is still nowhere near his sublime dance hit Love Will Take Over, which was responsible for getting me on his team for good.

Vocals: 2, Production: 2, Lyrics: 1, Chorus Strength: 1, Mainstream Appeal: 2 = (8/10)

Watch Ari Gold's performances of Play My Fuckn' Record :

Common to most singles when the album hype has gone down, PMFR received little attention save for Ari's NSFW plea for funding of the single's 3D video (!) and of the Remix Album that will comeout sometime in the near future. The project is detailed on the IndieGogo page for Ari and fans can contribute if they feel like it.

While contemplating whether to donate or simply buy his EP, help yourself to some of the good mixes of the single.

Ari Gold - Play My Fuckn Record Mixes :

Your Attitude ?

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