Thursday, 16 May 2013

Erika Jayne - Get It Tonight (Feat. Flo Rida) : Videos & Single Review

My much-awaited video from club queen Erika Jayne officially streamed on youtube last Monday.
But to the dismay of fans, a different version of Get It Tonight was used for the clip instead of the familiar Glitz Mix that we got to appreciate more when the lyric video premiered in February. The slight change garnered over a hundred not-so-relevant thumbs-down on youtube as opposed to those who gave likes. For myself, the use of the Dub Mix was negligible and didn't amount to any significant change considering the astutely-shot scenes and fun-glam theme. In the sexy video, a very delish hair-flipping Erika delivers the moves enough to send viewers hyper-ventilating while Flo Rida makes an appearance to fulfill his rapping duties. A bevy of smart dancers complete the energetic visual of what could be the next Dance Club Play #1 hit. I'm one of the guilty repeat-viewers who just can't get enough of Erika's new output so it was only a matter of one unexpected search-string that i stumbled on the original (yes, the previously-released-that-i-never-knew-existed) footage to Get It Tonight! I had to blame myself for simply waiting on the newsfeeds and not digging beforehand because from the looks of it, the foremost clip could've been out way way way back since it was shot in 2012. The video used the same version (Glitz Mix) of the song heard on the lyric video and Flo Rida was interestingly absent in it yet his rap ever-present. Despite the sharpness of the newer video, i came to drool over the earlier edition more for many reasons: the cute dance break, the audio version used and the inclusions of NFL hunk Terrell Owens and models Cody Callahan, Joe Slaughter & Victor Ross! How the original video was kept behind-the-scenes all along is beyond me. Erika also never posted about it's existence nor could it be found on her website. Though it had everything going for it, the execs knew better and had a new video commissioned in time for the May 7, 2013 single release. Now this explains why the Dub Mix was used for the new video since there is/was already an existing one to use the other version. Watch both videos below and pick your best choice.

Watch the Official video of  Erika Jayne - Get It Tonight (Feat. Flo Rida) [Dub Mix] :

 Watch the video of  Erika Jayne - Get It Tonight (Feat. Flo Rida) [Glitz Mix Version] :    

Erika Jayne gave fans the opportunity to hear Get It Tonight as early as 2012 during her live pride performances and it easily became a favourite with fans for it's infectious pop hook and memorable chorus; top ingredients for a chart hit! The song inevitably got the nod for a release and now featured Flo Rida providing the urban element to expand it's marketability. Produced by Vassal Benford (Toni Braxton, Deborah Cox, Baha Men, etc), the catchy single is the poppiest Erika has ever done so far which is a welcome change from her usual club numbers. Think of that change when Katy Perry's music left the edgy I Kissed A Girl-territory to embrace the bubbly California Gurls domain. Erika could very well be heading towards that direction! Her lyrics are subdued yet still sexy "Baby, can you tame me? Tonight I'm feeling kinda crazy. It's amazing, I'm just saying. We could fall in love for the night." But not for Flo Rida who sexed-up the rap: "No bed give it to you where the TV is. Full spread good head so genius!" Most fans comment that the rap shouldn't have been incorporated as Erika's full version was already enough to carry the song. While it may be true, the rap's inclusion arguably made the song more complete thus reaching a wider audience previously unexposed to Erika's music. The tandem is a success and should get the single a Dance Club Play #1 placement soon to push Erika's total chart toppers to 7! So far, 5 remixes made it to the EP and aside from the Glitz Mix, the EDM Mix is the most highly recommended for its ecstatic trance treatment alone.

Vocals: 2, Production: 2, Lyrics: 1, Chorus Strength: 2, Mainstream Appeal: 2 = (9/10)

Listen to some remixes of  Erika Jayne - Get It Tonight (Feat. Flo Rida) :

Get It Tonight (VINO Mix)

Get It Tonight (GLITZ Mix)

See the Official lyric video of  Erika Jayne - Get It Tonight (Feat. Flo Rida) :

Captures from the latest video :


Captures from the earlier video :

Erika and Cody Callahan

Erika and Victor Ross

Erika and Joe Slaughter

Erika and Terrell Owens

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