Monday, 13 May 2013

Vic Cologne - One More Time : Video & Single Review

Last week, Vic Cologne belatedly debuts his video for last January's single One More Time.
The video is your typical weekend clip that sees the hunky singer on three familiar locations: bedroom, rooftop and club. Needless to say, after a night with a woman, he gets up to sing on the rooftop and eventually finds himself surrounded by pretty women in a club where much dancing ensues. Nothing much "happens" and the video suffers a little from draggy pacing that could be attributed to the editing style and some-what need for more visual effects although cinematography is as clear as it gets. The only saving grace of the clip is Vic himself being eye-candy personified. Shame there is only one brief shot of his bare torso; he could've heated up the video more with a climactic group choreography shirtless!  

Watch the Official video of  Vic Cologne - One More Time :


As for the music, One More Time is a fine example of soulful electro house that thankfully contains zero rap. Produced by George Andros a.k.a Georgie Porgie (Love Is Gonna Save The Day, Sunshine), the single exhibits Vic Cologne's excellent vocals that needed no further tweaking compared to the mostly auto-tuned voices heard on mainstream radio. For his debut single,  a thumbs-up is given to Vic for going the up-tempo route with One More Time despite his obvious penchant for r&b and ballads (check his cover of Jamie Foxx's Fall For Your Type). We need more of these danceable club numbers and less of the sleep-inducing hip-hoppy r&b; though i don't really mind them r&b tracks coming from the talented Vic. The already soaring OMT single was given further club cred with stand-out remixes by Funk3d, Big Kid & Brian Cua, Laurent Schark and Matt Play. Pay more attention to the sick dub of Laurent Schark for a more fulfilled party experience!

Vocals: 2, Production: 2, Lyrics: 1, Chorus Strength: 1.5, Mainstream Appeal: 2 = (8.5/10)

Listen to some remixes of  Vic Cologne - One More Time :

One More Time (Matt Play Vocal Remix)

One More Time (Funk3d Club Mix)

One More Time (Laurent Schark Club Dub Mix)

See the Official lyric video of  Vic Cologne - One More Time :

Download One More Time (EP) on --> iTunes !

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