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Kylie Minogue - Skirt : Lyric Video & Single Review

PopDance Queen Kylie Minogue's nth attempt to crack the US begins with the single Skirt!
For those who do not already know, she had TWO chances to fulfill the American dream: in 1987 with Locomotion (US #3) and in 2001 with Can't Get You Out Of My Head (US #7) from the US #3 album Fever. Despite the huge success of the two singles and 3 more Billboard Top 40 hits, her popularity in the US remains relative at best and those hits were not able to establish her as a household name. After severing professional ties with long-time manager Terry Blamey early this year, Kylie signs up with Jay-Z's RocNation for a management deal thus cementing her serious campaign to make it again in America. The first album to spawn from this deal will likely have the urban-pop sounds; what with rumoured producers Pharrell, Darkchild and Timbaland on board! We could definitely expect her own Hard Candy in the offing!

Kylie almost recreates her iconic outtake during the Fever-era

As for Skirt, no release details have been announced as of yet which makes the impression of it as only a buzz single to test fans' receptiveness towards Kylie's new musical ventures with RocNation. Co-written by The-Dream (IV Play, Rockin' That Thang) and produced by Nom De Strip (Get The Fuck Up, Techno Saturday), Skirt's lyrics talk of asking some trick to take you home after shaking it off in the club. "Got you high as a kite, Like the way I... shake it. Let’s get out of here come on. Where’s your car, take me home!" From the sound of it, there's nothing more highly addictive than Kylie and her orgasmic breathy voice, molly is sooo last decade. While Skirt is no r&b to begin with, it has the attributes and sound that American listeners may find interesting in a Britney-Spears-kind of way. The track is heavy on synths and overloads on dubstep with levelling instrumentation almost swallowing the thin vocals just before the noise everything plateaus to a generic pop melody on the chorus. Without a hook, it's almost as if the stanza bleeps do not resonate with the detached-sounding chorus which I swear could be an off-shoot from last year's Timebomb. Play Skirt and Timebomb on a loop and you realize that one is the evil sister of the other.   Conclusion: Skirt is a structured mess which used to be a mid-tempo pop track with limbs and appendages cut-off then given bionic parts. Still, fans lap it up and we luv it.

Vocals: 2, Production: 1, Lyrics: 1, Chorus Strength: 1, Mainstream Appeal: 2 =  (7/10)

Watch the Lyric Video for  Kylie Minogue - Skirt :

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