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Dannii Minogue - Cos You're Beautiful : Single Review

Queen of the Clubs Dannii Minogue returns on pop radar with new song Cos You're Beautiful!
The track appears as an added bonus to her 7th (!) compilation release out exclusively yet in Australia come 23rd of August, 2013. The compilation, This Is It : The Very Best Of, coincides as a cash-in release as Dannii leaves Australia's Got Talent to surprisingly join Ronan Keating and new judges Red Foo and Natalie Bassingthwaighte in this year's panel of X-Factor Australia. It has always been assumed of her to resume her judging duties with the UK X-Factor after a judging stint on Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model. But with Sharon Osbourne back in the UK version, it was high unlikely for Dannii to be alongside her. UK's loss is OZ's gain as the prettier Minogue glams up the seat vacated by spice girl Mel B. No news about a new album on the works for Dannii but speculations are on the up after she was photographed last June clutching a paper with handwritten lyrics on it. We hope those lyrics get sung soon and Dannii's X-Factor $ucce$$ is the barometer for any future musical release.   

Dannii Minogue holding handwritten lyrics on paper !

Cos You're Beautiful was actually recorded in 2010 which saw a pregnant Dannii documenting the recording process on her reality TV show Style Queen. The song had her co-write with an erstwhile X-Factor act, Ruth Lorenzo, whom she mentored in 2008. Qualifying as upbeat pop-rock than hot-house due to that rugged percussive instrumentation, the track is a departure from Dannii's signature electro-dance genre that notched her over 12 Club #1's in the UK. Vocally, there is no question that the talented X-Factor judge nailed the notes with ease. It has been a while since her belting chops have been heard after previously singing safe on her last release, the chilled-out More More More, so her hitting the high notes becomes an absolute auditory pleasure. That second refrain part, "This is the moment, pick yourself up on the floor. Now that you know it, tell me what you're waiting for?" gets the A+ grade. On the downside, it is only on the stanza sections that the low vocals get swallowed by the background sound. Structurally, the track highly passes but without a bridge, it needed to over-compensate with chorus repetitions till the end. The hook is almost absent and if not for the vocalization, there won't be anything retained by the audience. On first listen, the sounds of the previous decades come to mind and it would've helped a lot had the song been given a new twist in production to sound "new" considering it was produced three years ago. The only recourse is to issue club mixes in order to hear it in a supposed dance genre; that is, if it eventually gets released as a proper single. Dannii is still silent about a formal return to recording and we know that if she is keen to revive her singing career, Cos You're Beautiful is NOT the right single for a come-back. But for now, it satiates our thirst for anything churned out by her lovely Minogue pipes!

Vocals: 2, Production: 1.5, Lyrics: 1, Chorus Strength: 2, Mainstream Appeal: 2 =  (8.5/10)

Listen to a preview of  Dannii Minogue - Cos You're Beautiful :


Watch the making of  Dannii Minogue - Cos You're Beautiful :

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