Saturday, 8 December 2012

Danny Saucedo - Delirious : Video & Other Singles

After 3 solo singles released this year, the latest video to have been filmed for Danny Saucedo is for his recent one, Delirious.

It probably occurred to the powers that be that Danny's fans need to have a solo official clip to remember 2012 by so they obliged. Brought to you by appliance giant Philips, the simple video shows Danny doing his normal day routine like strolling, checking out electrical applicances in a shop and hanging-out at a coffee station where his crush works as a barista. Expectedly, they end up waking up together in some state of undress on the singer's bed! Cute and mushy set of footages to pull on your heartstrings I might say. The video well accompanies the R&B production that is the exact opposite of Danny's previous output All In My Head which contains upbeat electronica and rave sirens perfect for EDM afficionados like me. While down-tempo R&B isn't my liking, they become tolerable if they come from my liked artists.

Watch the video for Delirious :




This year alone,  Danny managed to come up with 3 solo singles and 2 collaborations. The first one Amazing was his runner-up entry to Melodifestivalen 2012 which placed #2 on the Swedish Charts. His follow-up Shake That Ass (featuring Lazee) was a forgettable urban venture which had critics confused with the genre he dipped his fingers on. Then came a somewhat standard duet with Tommy Körberg, I Can See Myself In You before he blasted with the brilliant All In My Head which sadly stalled at #18 on the Swedish Charts despite an iTunes peak of #2. AIMH could've done better had a video been shot for it and some extensive promotion. Danny is expected to put out his 4th studio album nextyear after a moderately successful 2012. I sure hope he sticks to his winning formula of excellent vocals + EDM Production in order to achieve another #1.  

Listen and Watch :  


Shake That Ass (Feat. Lazee)

I Can See Myself In You (with Tommy Körberg)

All In My Head


Your Attitude ?

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