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News: Dannii Minogue joins judging panel of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model

It looks like the Dannii Minogue has clearly moved on from music; which is NOT good news!
Sometime in November, i brushed off the interview she had during the re-launching of her fashion label Project D London in Dubai as rubbish. How could the Queen of the Clubs abandon the industry which made her the star that she is now?

Dannii Minogue's interview excerpt with Ahlan!

But it seems clear that my Top Icon is done with recording music, at least for now i hope. Next year, she fronts yet another TV show Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model as a judge alongside Elle Macpherson, Tyson Beckford and another yet to be named fourth panelist. This marks her 4th reality TV offing after The X-Factor, Style Queen and Australia's Got Talent. Many people find it hard to believe that the petite multi-media veteran was actually chosen for the part when there are a multitude of fashion personalities to choose from. I was stunned as much as any average netizen were. The Style Queen TV Show notwithstanding, the closest reality-fashion activity was when Dannii and co-designer Tabitha Somerset-Webb  appropriately guest-judged for Project Runway Australia which was a reality search for wannabee designers. Dannii had better gone back to recording if fans were to choose or the least, grabbed SiCo's offer to return to X-Factor to up interest towards any of her future musical endeavours. However the multi-talented diva had other plans. She takes more steps towards the path Victoria Beckham pursued which made the latter a force in the fashion world. After rebranding and re-launching the then fledgling fashion label ProjectD into Project D London, the erstwhile pop princess is ready to cement her Style Queen title by judging wannabee-models for a change.


Unknowing fans are still skeptical with Dannii as a judge for a model search show because of her strong musical identity. What many people should know is that she has dabbled in fashion almost as early as she has started performing. Back in the 80's on Young Talent Time, she assembled most of her performance outfits and even sold-out a limited edition clothing range of her own designs aptly labeled Dannii. She also came up with a fashion catalogue in the 90's and modeled the clothes that targeted young professional women. The design talent dragged on to the present via her ProjectD London label which enjoys an impressive celebrity clientele. 

Dannii takes the James Bond inspiration and posed as the sexier version of Halle Berry's Jinx.

Her rise as a pop star saw her grace more than a hundred magazine covers and do fashion pictorials worldwide mostly with artistic and sexy themes giving her the confidence to model. Being a photoshoot muse led to more opportunities getting dressed by top designers and getting included in campaigns for apparel and beauty brands. Dannii's style has also evolved with the times, oozing with glamour and sophistication while she rocks designer clothes at red carpet events as opposed to experimental and forgettable numbers she had tried decades ago.  

Dannii as the modern-day Cleopatra

With a more-than-modest experience in fashion design (early years clothing range & ProjectD London), modelling (countless photoshoots and product endorsements), evolving looks/hairstyle and an eye for glamorous outfits, Dannii is now ever-ready to be a BINTM judge. For all her worthiness to be a judge in fashion, i'm less enthusiastic than when she releases music. Oh well... future will tell.

Dannii was one of the models for Marks & Spencer.

Dannii is the face of ModelCo.

Dannii models her own label's perfume.

Eccentric yet iconic!
Not even this simple theme could escape the living-Xerox Machine !

To celebrate mark this new milestone of Dannii's branching-out to fashion-judging, we marvel at her most fashionable video released in 2006 to accompany her then come-back single So Under Pressure. Eventhough the song was of her depression brought about by her sibling's cancer at that time, the clip showcased a very stylish theme that features a beautiful white python, catwalk action, modelling takes and fancy clothes. It was FTV in the world of Pop! Dannii strutted the ramp like a pro and no one could ever say she didn't have the height to pull it off! Modelling contestants should watch and learn how it's done.

Watch the video for Dannii Minogue - So Under Pressure :


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