Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Madonna - Superstar : Single Review

Brazil is one very lucky country to be honoured of a promotional single release from Madonna!

As early as October, rumours have been circulating of a Brazil-only release but nobody wanted to believe it especially that the song in question was SUPERSTAR! Fans held their breaths for Madge's team to reconsider this fallacy due to the presence of more single-worthy tracks like Love Spent, I'm Addicted, Gang Bang and I Don't Give A... but all hopes were down as soon as a contest to design Superstar's single artwork was launched via the Johnnie Walker ‘Keep Walking Brazil’ Project. 30 grafitti-inspired finalists were then polled for the final 10 of which resulted to the above ^^^ entry to have been chosen by Madonna herself as the winner. Many thought of this as a laughing matter but really, it was the only highly probable choice out of the far-fetched-looking entries. The winning piece ranked as my second choice though as I preferred the abstract she-bird entry (below).

Produced by Indiigo and Micheal Malih, Superstar is a lack-lustre ditty that go arm-in-arm with Give Me All Your Luvin' for sounding detached from the rest of the songs in MDNA. Instrumentation is unbearable particularly with pitched shrill guitars all over the place. Here, Lourdes Leon is a fully supportive daughter on backing vocals. Madonna may be singing this to her present lover as she likens him to her idols back in the past decades (Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, James Dean, Al Capone, Marlon Brando, Bruce Lee, etc...) while attributing the routines of modern times ("You can have the password to my phone. I'll give you a massage when you get home."). The chorus suffers from passé wordings "Ooh la la you're my superstar. Ooh la la that's what you are." Does star always need "you are" rhyming along? Every kid can attest with "Twinkle twinkle little star. How i wonder what you are?" This should have been a bonus track! The only consolation to this mess is the Eddie Amador remix that somehow turned the dire original into an upbeat disco ditty (reminiscent of a current tart's 2011 hit Like A Love Song) but with some of the original production still obvious despite the layering. It can be remembered that Eddie also made an ecstatic house number out of the cheesy Give It 2 Me in 2008. Those mixes of his are still better than this one though. I wish Bimbo Jones would totally eliminate any trace of the vile-sounding original on the upcoming mix.

Vocals: 1, Production: 1, Lyrics: 1, Chorus Strength: 0.5, Mainstream Appeal: 2 = (5.5/10)

Listen to Superstar :

Madonna as Deathbird from Marvel Comics

Apocalyptic Superstar !

An Eagle or a Peacock would've worked...but an Owl?

Your Attitude ?

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