Saturday, 23 February 2013

FrankMusik - Far From Over (EP) : Preview & Free Download

It was a glowing Valentines Day when FrankMusik had his latest EP available for free download.
All the fans needed to do was signup for a free account and they get to have the 4 tracks for no charge at high quality mp3. Visit this L I N K at ReverbNation to get a free copy of the EP. Fans with hearts of gold willing to part ways with $$$ can instead support the artist by buying his non-musical merchandise.

Credits to Daniel Land Photography

For this brief collection, Vincent Turner reminds everyone of that distinct electro-pop sound that made FrankMusik a rousing musical draw. Produced by himself laboriously by the end of 2012, Far From Over is a redeeming project of sorts that signifies FM's continuance with music after a slight setback with his sophomore album Do It In The AM. Indeed, he is far from over as his 3rd album is set for an April 2013 outing! Six songs were originally planned for the FFO EP but Vincent deemed it wise to zip it up with just four. The omitted songs Cake and Did Love should make the album in my opinion considering the quality of FM's output. As for the ones that made the EP, they provide respite from today's generic chart hits. Captain takes the attention as the upbeat opener treading that line of the unforgettable We Collide. Next, Thank You captures the audience with a headtone vocal execution on the chorus while Map picks up the pace with an accelerated tempo. A ballad, The Line, aptly wraps the showcase seemingly indicating a bright future to come. Interestingly, the buzz single Fast As I Can wasn't included anymore and so was the dark ballad You Are Here. It could be that they would have disrupted the flow of the complimentary 4 songs. As short as it is, FFO makes for a nice buzz package that awakens the fans' enthusiasm for new music while they await for the bigger guns of the 3rd studio album. 

Listen to FrankMusik - Far From Over :

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Fast As I Can


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