Friday, 8 February 2013

Kentö - Complicated : Lyric Video & Review

While anxiously waiting for FrankMusik's new EP to hit iTunes this Valentine's Day, let's kill time by embracing his protege, the adorable French-Japanese-Brazilian electro-pop singer Kentö.

Last month, Kentö unveiled the lyric video for his debut track Complicated. Produced by himself, FrankMusik, Zen Nishizawa and Planet Purple, the single is one of those edgier electro anthems that contains subtle stanza chords and almost indistinct chorus. Complicated has this Euro-feel going on about it particularly that instrumental breakdown where a vocal chorus likely should have screamed for retention; brings to mind those songs by Danny Saucedo (All In My Head) and Sergey Lazarev (Keep Your Mouth Shut) among others. While Kentö managed to make the song his own, FrankMusik's omniscient influence is all throughout that you can just substitute K's vocals with F's and claim that the song probably never made the final cut from FrankMusik's forthcoming EP hence it's landing on Kentö's lap. As with most of FM's productions, Complicated is high up there with the likes of Do It In The AM and Watch Me Fade for it's sophisticated instrumentation. Actually, it is the singing that captures attention (apart from the trance-y breakdown) with it's mature resonance and impressive range, owing to the fact that Kentö started crooning as young as 6 years old. This type of voice works wonders with ballads but I'd rather it be utilised in darker dance productions along the lines of Armin van Buuren feat. Christian Burns - This Light Between Us or Tiësto featuring BT - Love Comes Again. For his debut, Kentö has started on the right foot with this chosen genre and definitely, nobody would complain if he goes further to dance more than his mentor FM did. I'll be waiting for Complicated's club mixes come March 2013 to affirm this. 

Vocals: 2, Production: 2, Lyrics: 1, Chorus Strength: 1, Mainstream Appeal: 2 = (8/10)

Slight resemblance to FrankMusik !

 Watch the lyric video of  Kentö - Complicated :

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