Saturday, 2 March 2013

Thomas Azier - Angelene : Single & Video

The video for Thomas Azier's new single Angelene was released before February 2013 ended.
To date, this is just his second clip following Red Eyes which caught my attention in 2012. Angelene seems to be an offshoot from the Red Eyes storyline which finds the singer exploring the gritty underworld places of the city while shadowing the blonde object of his attention. The bluish-hued shots perfectly create a caliginous atmosphere as would a thriller-type movie; one might think the singer was a vampyre stalking his prey in a club! Can't be missed are his intense demeanor in every headshot that cuts a hypnotic picture of his steely chiseled features. The clip ends with a vague closure which may suggest a continuation in a future video (or maybe not). Videos such as this can be engaging sometimes and take the audience firmly while relegating the music to the background. European artists are masters of this essential visual style which sets them apart from their American counterparts.

Being his own producer, Thomas Azier brands his music as Pop. While it may not be the kind of pop-tune you hear on your local FM stations, it is undeniably still within the extremes of the genre. His debut Hylas 001 EP gave a more electro-pop experience with subtle '80s influence. Red Eyes was mesmerizing and How To Disappear was strikingly memorable. But the male Björk wouldn't tread your usual poppy sound as he ventures into murky soundscapes in his follow-up mini project. Angelene is actually the first (and may be the only) single to be culled from Azier's latest EP, Hylas 002. A dark synth-ballad with outstanding vocals, the song reeks of melancholy in words: "I dived and I swam with the ghosts. There's one sea between us now, that's just what kills me the most..." Particularly impressive is the vocal breakdown that sends chills and admiration for Azier's singing prowess. Pondering on that thought, vocal club mixes would be a longshot but interesting suggestion though I don't really see this song as a proper single. Fire Arrow had better chances of getting mixed if that were the case. However, Angelene still stands if awareness for artistic pursuits is the purpose for the release. It wins the hearts of fans yearning for diversity in mainstream music. If the few songs we've heard so far are these good; for sure, the upcoming debut album would be an awesome production.

Vocals: 2, Production: 2, Lyrics: 2, Chorus Strength: 0.5, Mainstream Appeal: 1 = (7.5/10)

Listen to Thomas Azier - Hylas 002 (EP) :



WTF is Mother Monster doing in this video ???

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