Saturday, 9 March 2013

Carmen Electra - I LIke It Loud : Single Review

When I Like It Loud went out in Novemebr 2012, i dismissed it as a so-so attempt at a comeback.
I've since been remorseful for that terrible mistake. How could i not love Carmen Electra's second attempt at a music career? Or is it third?   In 2009, many have forgotten that she tested the waters with a dope faux-Fergie track Who Do You Think You Are? produced by One Seven featuring DaHookas. After it leaked to the public, reception wasn't favourable and the idea was abandoned including a supposed album titled C-17. I have to shyly admit to liking that song despite my distaste with hip-hop and rap; having Carmen rapping was the reason why.   Back in the 90's, she managed to carve a name for herself as one of the few white female rappers in the mould of the "female Vanilla Ice". Under the mentoring of Prince, her 1993 self-titled funky urban-pop album was unfortunately misunderstood by the public who wasn't ready with an energetic rapping stripper. While production was ace, all four singles unfortunately flopped. When Prince's Paisley Park outfit had to fold, Carmen's album got no support and eventually bombed; ending a promising career of a supposed pioneering white female rapper. Not one to sulk in a corner, the voluptuous beauty branched out to glamour modelling then acting in television and films making her the star that she is now. 3 years after that failed 2009 comeback, she is here again to prove her true worth in music.

Carmen is indeed poised to be taken seriously as a bonafide urban-pop artist alongside younger newbies Cher Lloyd, Kitty Pryde and Sarai (all of whom i never listen to). While these other girls use a somewhat black-artist blueprint, Carmen sticks to her own brand of white-girl rap coupled with dulcet singing vocals. She has totally abandoned whatever style she tried in 2009 and this one works for her perfectly. Produced by Bill Hamel, I Like It Loud is a fun urban-dance single that is well-suited for a girls' night out on a weekend. Carmen effortlessly raps her way in bitchy lines... "We ṗlay this loud, until it’s dead. You roll your eyes, I’m talking shit." and confesses at using Facebook  "I’m giving in, I tried to call. I’ll post a message on your wall!" The original version itself is a floorfiller but with luscious remixes done by WAWA, Bitrocka, Hector Fonseca, Sir Paul among others, the song kills its way to land a spot within the Top 50 of the Dance Club Play Charts. It won't be surprising should it climb higher: the song slays.  The video complements the song so well with neon LED lights shining on the singer as she gyrates provocatively, campy street scenes with drag queens and snippets of her promotional appearances. Nothing ground-breaking there but nevertheless entertaining. Compared to other artists who seem rigid and too immersed in character on their videos, our girl is in her usual sexy mood and looks really comfortable all the way... This is arguably her most well-received tune in years and an album full of these ditties would be most welcome. I hope it doesn't take too long to come out. 20 years of waiting seem like forever, you know.

Vocals: 1, Production: 2, Lyrics: 1, Chorus Strength: 1, Mainstream Appeal: 2 = (7/10)

Listen to some remixes of  Carmen Electra - I Like It Loud :

 Watch the video for  Carmen Electra - I Like It Loud :

Original Version

WAWA Video Remix

Your Attitude ?

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