Saturday, 23 March 2013

Courtney Stodden - Reality : Video & Single Review

It took me a while to grow on Courtney Stodden's latest musical output; close to a year actually.
Reality came out way back in May 2012 and did nothing to shake the charts considering it's generic pop sound. Some attention was gained though when fans noticed a change in genre. With the help of some auto-tune and vocoder, the voluptuous barely-legal diva sounded like a bonafide electro-pop artist that puts your current faves backstage. Getting topnotch help from producers Jeff Burk and Asaf Fuks, Courtney may have a glimmer of hope to at least stab the Dance Club Play Charts now that she has taken the dance-route like most celebrities vying for musical credibility. Her past singles were mostly pop-rock and did nothing to support her sexy image. Forget Don't Put It On Me Girl or Luxury and the guitary Hurting People, dancey-Courtney is the best incarnation for the blonde vixen. Reality suits Courtney's vampy profile in many respects: the now sultry-breathy vocals, soft-porn visuals and suggestive lyrics.  "The moment that our eyes met, our heart skipped a beat. I was still, the heat went through my body... Get close and feel my body. It's turning me on. What took you so long?"  Fans were left imagining their own hot clips for many months until the ground-breaking video put an end to the anticipation this February. In the clip, Courtney took pointers from Madonna's iconic Superbowl 2012 entrance scene and had four able-bodied men carry her like a queen as she gyrates on the streets! Capitalizing on her youth, she also assumed the Lolita-look while seducing a nerdy hunk. The rooftop party and flirtations inevitably concluded in a steamy scene that makes every viewer blush. But what makes Reality triumphant as a whole isn't the video. It's the wicked remixes! Club mixes by Klubjumpers and dubs by DrewG and Brian Cua effectively included Courtney among the legion of newbie dance hopefuls. As her new musical direction, pop-dance is the best choice for a reality-star looking for greener fields in entertainment. It gave Paris Hilton a brief stint in music and it sure will fit like a glove to Courtney.

Vocals: 1, Production: 2, Lyrics: 1, Chorus Strength: 1, Mainstream Appeal: 2 = (7/10)

Listen to some remixes of Courtney Stodden - Reality :

Watch the Official video of Courtney Stodden - Reality :

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