Monday, 12 March 2012

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild : Chart Performance Week 1 , Preview & Outtakes

:(Just as i thought before, it would really suffer on it's chart debut!

Chart Performance for Madonna - Girl Gone Wild Week 1

US iTunes as of  11 March, 2012 9:59 PM

# 106

US Digital Sales
# 83

Canada Top 100
# 83

Canada Digital Sales
# 62

i hope it does better when the FULL video is released. The meantime, the preview of the video popped during the weekend and shows Madonna in a visually sex-charged video. Fans have raised crticisms that it borrows ideas heavily on her past videos. However, this technique to constantly reference herself is much better than her copying from other artists. GIRL GONE WILD is just a subtle reminder for other copycats that she did them first by showing the younger generations how she did it then thus referencing her past concepts and encapsulating them in one = GGW.
The next video would probably be THE new concept we're all eager of. :fag: 

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