Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild : Official Promo Mixes

At just about the right time when Madonna's Girl Gone Wild video teaser landed on youtube, a handful of delicious club mixes manifested themselves to the fans' delight.
i, for one, have been anxiously anticipating the mixes since the single debuted so it was a good thing to bask on these guilty pleasures until they are officially downloadable on iTunes. 

The single now has a total of 5 mixes, each with it's unique diversion from the original. Fans unanimously cite the Dave Aude Club Mix as their best bet followed by the Justin Cognito Mix and Offer Nissim Club Mix as equal second favourites. The rest of the other remixes trail these three in terms of "likes". 

Though i favourably nod in agreement, my vote goes to the LUCKY DATE EXTENDED MIX as the most wicked floor thumper! The massively trance-based treatment is complete with just the perfect amount of bass that any party-raver would ecstatically jump to... Not to be outdone as well is the Kim Fai Club Mix. Despite it's awkward and incoherent first-minute-intro (00:30-01:00), it eventually builds-up into an electro-stomper which reminds me of the music played on a club scene in the movie BLADE.

Listen and give your own verdict:


Latest released mixes as of March 26, 2012:

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