Saturday, 3 March 2012

Record Label Blunder : MADONNA - GIRL GONE WILD friday release ???

It is interesting to note that once again Interscope has scheduled a FRIDAY release for Madonna's second single, GIRL GONE WILD which is touted as the "carrier-single" of MDNA.
High hopes are expected for this single as fans consider it as a would-be redemption of the small hit that was Give Me All Your Luvin'. The odds weren't kind enough to GMAYL as it limped to debut modestly in the charts and it looks like GGW is set to follow suit :-(

Looking back, Give Me All Your Luvin' became available for download also on a FRIDAY, 3rd February 2012. It had all the hype of the Superbowl performance but managed to debut only within the Top 20 following an incomplete week's worth of sales (and huge lost sales as well since it was given free for MDNA pre-order!). Though it reached the Top 10 during it's second week, it has since lost steam and now languishes outside the Top 40. A lot of factors were cited for the failure: 
  1. GMAYL was weak to begin with.
  2. It was not promoted anymore after the Superbowl performance.
  3. There was no maxi-single release containing the Official Remixes which could have generated new interest for the buying public.
Fans, who knew what went bad with GMAYL, wish that the next release won't have technical demerits anymore, but they are dead wrong! GGW has even more weak spots to guarantee a chart flop:
  1. No prior official buzz was issued over at Interscope that GGW was to be released on the 2nd of March. Fans were not able to anticipate and pre-order the track. I was even surprised!
  2. It wasn't issued to radio stations before it came out so many people are clueless that Madonna has a new track. Only netizens knew about the lyric video that came out at the end of February. No airplay is tantamount to low chart position.
  3. The single debuts even before the official video wrapped up! Everyone has to contend with the lyric video up until now. Now that's promotion!
  4. Another blunder of a FRIDAY release! Haven't they learned their lesson yet with GMAYL? Naturally, an incomplete week's worth of sales will garner the single a low chart debut! This is really dodgy since MOST of the other artists under Interscope have their releases always scheduled on a TUESDAY to maximize the full-week sales. ONLY Madonna has had her first two releases on a FRIDAY! Does Madonna even realize this is happening? Is this a deliberate attempt to slow her down?
  5. No maxi-single release with the official mixes is scheduled AGAIN? The Justin Cognito Mix has already surfaced online but not officially attached to any release. So how does this mix help the single at all?
  6. ....and the list goes on.. 
 Let's pray and light a candle for a miracle to save GGW as i weep at another squandered charting opportunity for Madonna. T_T
Your Attitude ?


  1. You are so effin right!! I could n't believe that she released this song on a Friday!?!!? I have been paying attention to Billboard charts for as long as she has been charting. I have to guess that she KNOWS that a Monday or Tuesday release would garner her more sales, thus giving her a hight debut. She is only 2 top 10s away from 40 (she currently has more than any one, with the Beatles coming in second with 34). I want her to reach 40! I think everyone does! And her best chance will be do release her music at a time where it can get the maximum amount sales in the first week. GGW is a great track. Had it been released 15 years ago, it would be a guaranteed top 10. I'm not counting it out yet, but Music was her last CD to spawn 2 top 10s. Fingers remained cross! And you are sexy, BTW!!!

  2. Hi Anonymous THANX, like i pointed out, it is the record label that plans the distribution out in coordination with her management of course. It is a dodgy trend for her as she gets her first 2 releases on a FRiday! her stablemates' releases have always been TUESDAYS. it is either they want to deliberately derail her debut charting or they need an excuse if the single fails.

  3. This is par for the course. Madonna's singles and albums are never properly promoted. Girl Gone Wild is so superior to GMAYL, so there's no reason it shouldn't have done even better. I really thought Interscope would do a better promotion job.

    Meanwhile, Rihanna and her cowardly, girl-beater ex-boyfriend are more popular than ever. That's fucked up! U.S. radio sucks and has for a very long time, so I'm not surprised at this turn of events.

    That said, I think song sales and radio play are kind of becoming old school. With You Tube and file sharing sites, it's almost impossible to accurately determine a song's popularity. In this day and age, everybody knows that the real bread and butter revenue comes from touring and NOBODY even comes close to Madonna in that endeavor!

  4. Thank you shle896 for empathizing with me. We could enumerate the blunders of Interscope for the world to see but it ain't gonna change the fact that GIRL GONE WILD has already been battered without given a chance to shine. Let's just wish that they will do it "properly" if a 3rd single is planned or else another doomed release is on the way.

    When Guy O said that promotion won't be done for the single(s) anymore, it sunk unto me that indeed the World Tour gets the priority above all else. That's basically what LiveNation wanted and just outsourced Interscope for the record deal. ;-(

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