Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild Official Video

Madonna's Girl Gone Wild Official Video premieres today! 

Just when you thought you knew what's been going on, the teaser didn’t give the ideas away! Scenes from her past videos are lightly referenced: Erotica, Express Yourself, Vogue, Human Nature, Bad Girl, Celebration... just to name the most distinct ones. Black & White setting, hunks, chains, smoke, and leather complete the sexually-charged qualities of the upbeat video. This is something only Madonna can pull off : Erotic & Artistic. The torso thrusts and signature leg bends are still there but best of all she is dancing to a wicked routine again! 

Overall, this is a twist of energy and (male) eroticism in an elegant video. It would have been better if she at least incorporated real WOMEN just for the sake of “girls they just wanna have some fun” but then again, this is awesome still! 

Madonna just keeps getting better and better…

In less than a day, Girl Gone Wild re-enters the iTunes Top1000 songs!

This Should go up up up by the end of the week! whoa…

US iTunes as of 21 March, 2012 1:55 AM

#841 Girl Gone Wild – Madonna

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