Monday, 21 May 2012

Madonna - Girl Gone Wild - Chart Performance Week 11

Girl Gone Wild thankfully re-appeared at # 73 on the UK Charts with it's official release (it previously debuted at # 111).

While airplay is nil, the physical and downloads sales managed to push it within the top 100. This is currently one of Madonna's lowest charting singles in the UK, her last one being Masterpiece which peaked at # 68. Without any proper promotion and her being busy with rehearsals for the MDNA Tour, the single would likely descend the following week and only a miracle would make it peak higher.

 This overdue UK release (which severely damaged the single's hit potential) is the latest in a string of erstwhile blunders which hounded Madonna's Interscope releases. Had the single been released simultaneously with the US or right after the video was put out, it could have had a better position considering the spiking interest and controversy it had back then. But the-powers-that-be never learned any lesson from the US flop nor with the Give Me All Your Luvin' disaster. They still procrastinated with the UK release up to 10 weeks after the single bombed in the US!

Good luck to the next single TURN UP THE RADIO as we see another rocket miss it's target.

US Hot Singles Sales
# 20

US Dance Club Play
# 32

UK Top 100
# 73

Germany                                # 92    
Japan                                      # 78
Spain                                      # 48
Switzerland                           # 48
Sweden                                   # 40
Belgium (F)                            # 39
France                                    # 36
Belgium (W)                          # 35
Italy                                        # 9
South Africa                          # 3


Czech Rep.                            # 86
Japan                                     # 68
Sweden                                  # 61
Ukraine                                 # 26
Belgium (F)                           # 24
Hungary                                # 14
Poland                                   # 14
Belgium (W)                         # 12
Slovak Rep.                          # 10
Estonia                                  # 9
Slovenia                                # 9

More Updates in the coming days!

[see 8th & 9th week's tally : Chart Performance for Madonna - Girl Gone Wild Week 8, 9]   
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