Saturday, 21 July 2012

George Michael - White Light : Official Video

George Michael returns with a chilling visual that is haunting and awesomely thought-provoking.
The video for his upcoming single, White Light, gives a surreal take on George's recent near-death bout against pneumonia. Scenes of hospital emergency, respirator, syringe and medical doctors rushing are combined with clips of a city wherein he is surrounded by policemen as though an apprehended criminal. A dream-like landscape also shows a sea of half-naked sweaty bodies gyrating endlessly. Animals make their appearances in the form of doves, ravens and the distinct zebra. George's child version is seen briefly after catching the glass of water that his present form "dropped" into the liquid portal. The stunning sequence also features the beauteous supermodel Kate Moss after missing out on the ensemble model cast of George's 1990 offing Freedom. Here, she plays an Angel of Death role deciding the fate of George with a flip of a coin. He survived the ordeal and lives to tell the tale.

Directed by Ryan Hope, White Light is a visual candy complete with sharp-resolution shots and commendable editing. The hues lean on the darker blue tone with the totality having that trendy instagram look as seen on most videos of the season. As expected from the artist himself, the video has that 90s feel to it complete with dancing naked bodies, limited monochromatic shots and gorgeous cast. This output stands proud with some of George's memorable videos like Jesus To A Child, Fast Love, Outside and Amazing. He never fails to excite viewers with dark themes and sexy human visuals that tell the story in an entirely different manner. His theme of being face to face with death is rather brave considering most people with similar brushes would be traumatized by the situation and refuse to even remember how it felt like. Shown here is the contrast between white light (embracing the afterlife) and the light at the end of the tunnel (the symbolic beckoning of a second chance to life). George was luckily spared of the white light thus getting back better than he was once.  In all respects, this video is a winner. Madonna should take notes and never keep the creativity down for even a second.

The verdict for the video:     10/10


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