Monday, 30 July 2012

George Michael - White Light : Official Promo Mixes

The Promo CD of George Michael's latest single White Light circulated a couple of weeks ago to the delight of club DJs and fans all over.

Everything in George's camp seems to be running according to plan with the high-budget video and remixes out way ahead of the single's release in mid-August. These pre-emptive hypes create the important attention that White Light needs to have a decent chart debut. It can be remembered that his last charting project, a cover of New Order's 1987 hit True Faith, only made a UK #27 in March 2011 and was somewhat negatively received by critics; so it is imperative that the new single should make a better impression.

Presently, at least 5 mixes are being played everywhere and ALL of them are very impressive. Each remix stays minimally loyal to the original version yet modify inspiringly with their unique progressions.  Particularly striking is the tribal Divine Vox Remix done by Steven Redant & Phil Romano that guarantees uninterrupted dancing activity while the Stereogamus, Kinky Roland and Jackman-Thomas mixes provide the more laidback club approaches with their almost identical house-feel. The David Kay and Vodoo Sonics remixes complete the pack in the same level of solidity.

Listen to White Light - Official Promo Mixes (clean):

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