Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Shawn Desman - Nobody Does It Like You : Official Video

R&B artists don't excite me much but there are a few exceptions; Shawn Desman is one of them.
A progressive house mix of his 2010 single Electric made me notice his music and has since become a guilty pleasure of some sort. His output can just be dimissed as generic mainstream R&B/Pop that sounds like any of those appearing on the charts. I'm not one of those patronizers of such music yet something about Shawn's output make it bearable to listen for more than a couple of times. 

In this cool video geared towards younger listeners, Canadian Shawn sings on a rooftop and later on gets joined by his buddies for a dance routine. Scenes of teenagers and hip-looking adults doing the signature dance-move are scattered all throughout the video. Cute is a good term to describe the totality of another instagram-inspired visual. The Nobody Does It Like You stand-alone single has been out since May 2012 but no remix can be found. I really wish a mix or two will surface soon now that the video is out. As of the moment, the single hasn't charted in Canada and just may storm the Top 100 once Shawn does more promo and airplay.


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