Saturday, 14 July 2012

Kylie Minogue - Timebomb : Official Mixes

After 6 weeks of waiting, we happilly receive the anxiously-anticipated Timebomb Official Mixes.
It is always better late than never. Most artists seem to postpone releasing mixes of their singles to the latest possible time for unknown reasons. For their part, record labels don't seem to realize that mixes should be downloadable no later than the following fortnight a single is released to maintain or even increase the single's momentum. In Timebomb's case, the mixes could have made the single chart higher than it's UK peak of #31 if they were readily available to re-ignite interest from the listening public considering promotion wasn't that strong. Kylie Minogue did more TV appearances in America despite the slim chances of breaking in the Top 100 (Timebomb charted at #73 in Canada though). She was apparently set on garnering another number 1 on the niche chart US Dance Club Play (of which Timebomb is #4 as of this week). Perhaps, getting a US Dance Club Play #1 is more of a priority than a UK Top 10 as it appears. Either way, I'm glad for ANY achievement that the single could attain.

As for the mixes, Australia got the first taste of them yesterday (Friday 13th of July). The UK and most other territories will get theirs starting next week though clubs worldwide have already been serviced with the promos and would be playing them this weekend.

While most of the mixes deliver the goods, DADA slays them all with the best club version. Afterall, he had a hand on the original cut so it is only rightful that his output tops the rest. Peter Rauhofer's mix would have been outstanding had it not suffered from intermittent beatless moments that make you unwillingly pause on the dancefloor while waiting for the bass to resume. Next time around "please don't make me wait" (lol). His Big Room Remix redeems the 1st one just a bit. Steven Redant & Phil Romano give a non-stop stomping number there while the Style of Eye Remix has to be the most chic and Euro-sounding of the lot. The least excellent take is the Italia3 Remix that obviously wants to impress given the optimized volume but ends up sounding too layered and all over the place. 

Listen to  Timebomb - Official Remixes : 

The Timebomb EP is now at #32 (14 July, 2012 11:21 AM) on Australia iTunes Album Chart jumping from #59 when it got out yesterday. I sure wish it charts again everywhere soon!

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